WoodGrain Brewing Co.


WoodGrain Brewing Company is a local microbrewery specializing in quality handmade beers served in a warm, inviting, and comfortable taphouse in downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


all Year Beer and food from pappy's

Variety is the spice of life, and at WoodGrain Brewing Co. beer is our spice and you can expect variety.  It is too easy to become stagnant in the beers we drink and make, but at WoodGrain, you can expect a rotating selection of several main beer styles on tap.  

Nothing goes better with beer than food...but we don't make any.  But we've teamed with a variety of restaurants in and around Downtown to hook us up.  You can text Fiero Pizza and they'll deliver.  MacKenzie River Pizza offers a discount on to-go orders with our super secret WoodGrain password.  Keep an eye on social media for visits from our friends at Bread and Circus and a variety of food trucks.  

As always, feel free to bring your own grub...We've got the beer. 

Seasonals and specialties


These aren't your everyday beers.  Always looking to push the envelope, the WoodGrain brewers often experiment with the brews looking for new and tasty ways to brew up something unique.  These beers are available in limited quantities and will change often. 


Bready and toasty characters come through the crisp mouthfeel of this German-style lager.  Back by popular demand, we've refined the recipe and the process to produce the perfect fall lager do enjoy around the firepit.  

Experience is the best teacher, and we learned a lot with our first batch.  Version 2.0 features a completely different peanut butter addition and 2x as much cocoa.  It's as close to a peanut butter cup you can get in a beer.  

After more than a year and a half of working at WoodGrain, Quentin finally got his chance to make is Spicy Rye IIPA.  Featuring super dank CTZ hops, he aimed for a light bodied, spicy, dank IIPA.

Ready just in time for the holidays, this beer features all the yumminess of our house Milk Stout, but with a touch of those spices that make Christmas so special.  

Back for another winter on tap, this big brother to a typical American brown ale features a bigger malt bill, more robust flavor, and a smoother finish.  Surprisingly drinkable, this big beer pairs well with a game of cribbage.  
8% ABV / 35 IBU

Since day one the SMaSH has been WoodGrain's house pale ale.  Now it's gonna have some competition.  Based more on a traditional pale ale grain bill some "C" hops this beer has a surprise waiting for the adventurous drinker.  

Some of our best beer ideas come from some of the strangest conversations with our customers.  The batty idea for this Ginger-Grapefruit Saison came after one of WoodGrain's regulars stopped in on a slow Sunday to talk about a crazy idea.  


In The Barrels

The guys at WoodGrain have a thing for barrel aged beers.  From big Russian Imperial Stouts to Belgian Quads and Farmhouse Saisons, they love the complexity time in a barrel can add to a beer.  Though limited in space, WoodGrain, with some help from some friends, has started to fill a variety of barrels with some tasty treats.  But be patient.  These rare beers will take time.

Made in the same way as a Barley Wine, this Wheat Wine features, well, wheat as the primary fermentable.  Big, bold, and complicated, wheat wines are typically smooth drinkers.  Add that to several months in a barrel, and this malt-monster might surprise even its brewers. 

DOUBLE MILK STOUT (Imperial Stout)
What happens when you take all the goodness of our standard Milk Stout and turn it up to 11?  An enormous, rich, creamy, chocolaty treat that after it sits in Woodford barrels for a few months might become one of the most complex beer's we've made.  

What happens when two rivals collaborate?  The crafting of a truly unique and amazing beer.  In Spruce Nectar Lost Cabin Beer Co. from Rapid City joined forces with WoodGrain to craft a beer to bridge the Mighty Mo.  This Belgian Style Strong Golden features a more than generous addition of Black Hills Spruce tips and an abundant addition of East River, Cradle to Grave Hop Farm honey.  Sound complex?  It is simply delicious.  
9.3% ABV / 31 IBU

Big, Belgiany, and complex.  We tweaked the grain bill and fermentation schedule just a little to highlight the yeast character and accent the maltiness.  Featuring a more prominent raisin and plum character, this winter beer hides is immense alcohol content.  


Local Guest Taps

Supporting our friends at other local microbreweries is important to WoodGrain Brewing Co.  As a result, WoodGrain offers a variety of South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska craft beers from breweries like West O, Wooden Legs, Bank Brewing Co., and Fernson Brewing Co.  Why just the Midwest?  Because some of the best beers you've never heard of come from "just down the road."